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Week#23: Croissant & Coffee & More

Karaköy is one of the liveliest, however a bit hidden neighbourhoods. A few years ago, this old port neighbourhood was rather empty, but as days pass by, more and more new bars, restaurants and coffee shops are opening there. It is also one of my favourite breakfast destinations in town. In my #52breakfasts project, I have already written about some of the breakfast places in Karaköy, each one of them special in their own way.... (You can check them here and here.)
....and here comes another one: Karabatak. The name might sound a bit strange, but the birds on their sugar bags will indicate that it actually has a meaning. It means a cormorant (yes, you can thank me for teaching you another not really useful word in Turkish). More then the meaning of its name, I have always been asking myself, why on all of the tables there is the "reserved" sign as it is clearly empty inside. It is difficult to get a table outside, especially when the weather is warm, but inside you will almo…

Flight tickets

Iskanje poceni letalskih kart z Drunglijem :)

Search for cheap flights with Drungli :)

Če veš ali ne, kam bi odšel na počitnice je za stran super :) Išče samo ponudbe nizkocenovnih prevoznikov. Opciji iskanja sta 2:
I know when... ali I know where...

V januarju (24.1.2014) z Wizzairom iz Budimpešte do Istanbula (enosmerna vozovnica) stane 19.77€.

Iz Budimpešte do Bruslja (Charleroi) pa lahko 9. januarja z Ryainairom poletite za 10.17€.

Za več ponudb pa se malo poigrajte na spletni strani.

Drungli or Adventure generatior is a cool way to find cheap flights. It searches only low cost airlines, such as Ryanair, Wizzair, etc.

There are 2 search options:
I know where.... and I know when.

So, for example on 24th January you can fly from Budapest to Istanbul for 19.77€.

And on 9th January from Budapest to Brussels for 10.17€.

You can search for more cheap offers on their page :)


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