Study in Turkey #2.1: Interview

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Many of you asked me to write more about interview experience for Turkiye burslari /Turkey Scholarship. Here is a new post, dedicated only to interview questions. Please, write your comments to this post and share your interview experince. Don't forget to write your country and level of studies. When I get enough comments, I will write down all your experiences in a form of a post. You can also subscribe to my blog, add me to Google circles and follow me on Facebook - Istanbul Konstantinopel. Like this, you will not miss any post and update.

Where and when are the Turkey Scholarship interviews held????
Firstly, let me tell you something about the time of interview. As you can see at the calendar for 2016, interviews will be held from April until June.

This means that every embassy will schedule their interviews according to their availability. I, for example had my interview at the end of May. If you live or study abroad (not in the country which passport you hold), the interview will be at the Turkish Embassy of the country, where you live at the moment (of course, only in case that in your application you've stated that you live/study abroad). In case that you already live/study in Turkey, you will probably have your interview in Ankara. 

Usually the interviews are held at Turkish Embassies around the world. I've heard of some examples of Skype interviews  - especially in big countries, where it's difficult to travel to the capital (where the embassy usually is). You will receive email or call from your embassy and they will inform you about exact time and date of your interivew. I advice you to take all the documents, which you uploaded in your application form, with you.

In case, that there is any mistake in your application form, like wrong spelled name/laste name, wrong passport number, etc, please inform the embassy staff during your interview.

Interview experience and questions

This is one of the most popular questions that I usually get from you: what will they ask me, how should I write my motivation letter???

Firstly, ask yourself: Why do I want to study in Turkey? Why is this important for me and my future career? How can this contribute to my career? If you can reply to all this questions, than you've probably written quite good motivation letter.

When it comes to interview, I have to say that for me, and as I know, for many other students, interview was a nice experience. Embassy staff and in some cases also special Turkiye burslari workers will ask you some questions. The language of interview can be ENGLISH. If you are fluent in Turkish, you can speak in Turkish. Depending on cuntry and foreign languages the staff speaks, interviews might be also held in outher languages.

So, what do they ask, what is important to them?? Actually similar questions that you already had to reply while applying online. Why do you want to study in Turkey? Why is this important for you and you future career? How can this contribute to your career?  

They might also ask some specific questions related to your research topic (especially for MA and PhD candidates). Another question is - why have you chosen certain department and/or research topic? Why do you want to study this in Turkey.

Third topic can be relations between your country and Turkey. They can ask you something about history of your countries (of course, if there is something in common) or how can you contribute to better relations between your countries in case you win the scholarship.

How was your interview experience? Please, write a comment to this post and share it with others.

You are welcome to comment and sharte posts.

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