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Week #7: A Kaymak made in Heaven

Week number seven was a delicious surprise. This time I decided to stroll down from the Şişhane metro stop towards Karaköy and find a nice breakfast place on my way. When I passed the Galata tower I turned left, because I recalled that I once saw a "Wonka" sign. When I saw a "Wonka" sign again I followed it... However I never actually saw Wonka as I stopped when I saw a nice blue sign saying "Katmer". I've never heard about this place before, but it looked nice and, even though the street I walked was empty, the restaurant seemed quite full...and there was a sign in front of it: "Gün boyunca kahvaltı", which means "Breakfast all day". So I decided to give it a try and am I happy that I did. Thank you, Wonka for bringing me here.

Katmer serves delicious breakfast, also alkaline breakfast and vegan food. Their ingredients come from all over Turkey and are fresh: olives, cheese, honey and kaymak. Their kaymak is amazing! And it goes e…

Another Festival for Film Lovers
Just one month passed, since the !f Istanbul Independent Film Festival and here it comes another film festival. The 35th Istanbul Film Festival will start on April 7th and will last for 10 days. Another great event for film lovers in Istanbul. Unlike the previous, the movies at the 35th Istanbul Film Festival will be screened in 10 cinemas around Istanbul.

What to watch?
Most of the movies at the festivals already won an award at the other festivals, so you will defenitely find something for yourself. Here is the list of all movies and here a nice chart, where you can see at what time movies are screened. I will defenitely go for one of my favourite actor, Ricardo Darín and his new movie Truman. What's your pick?

Festival will also offer something for children - this year only 2, but maybe in the following years there will be more movies.


Arthur Peterson said…
actually I was inquiring the possibility of a masters applicant to.receive an interview call while undergraduate applicants haven't yet been called. If all the interview are commenced once then I might hv not been considered.
Please save me from this speculation.
Spelayla G. said…
Yes, it's possible. I've replied you on Google+.

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