Friday, 5 February 2016


I would like to dedicated a few blog posts about the other part of Istanbul, Turkey. This topic is of course not limited to Turkey and it's one of the most debated topic in Europe (if not the whole World) in the last few months. It's actually the topic which should have been resolved months, if not years ago, however Europe and World turned a blind eye on it. I know, many things have been said, many opinions clashed and many times hathered spoke out of people. Since I live in Turkey and come often home, to Slovenia, I really cannot avoid thinking, if not speaking about the refugee crysis. Most of regugees come from Syria, however many of them also from other Middle Eastern countries. Many Europeans have ''newly discovered'' their nationalist ideas and are fighting against refugees, meanwhile the politicians still haven't decided what to do with thousands of people entering Europe in search of peace and better life.

First of all, I would like to share a short video, made and starring by two acquaintances of mine: Marie Hartlieb and Myriam Keyloun. Video was filmed in Istanbul and I hope it can widen your eyes and helps you see the other side of what being a Syrian means: not a refugee, but a human being.

In-Between from Marie Hartlieb on Vimeo.

To be continued.

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