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1001 Faces of Istanbul

... one of those places difficult to define. Some would call it 'capital of the World' or 'capital of the Empire', others 'cradle of cultures' and others 'the worst place to live'; ' hell on earth'.

I've spent more than 1001 days in this city and I still find it difficult to reply to a simple question: 'What is Istanbul like?' Maybe it's because I have been here too long and I've come to realise that there is no simple answer to this question. Istanbul has many faces, many nuances if you will. It is difficult to explain them to a total stranger or a person who has never visited the city. Even though you have visited the city once, you have probably lifted only one veil from its face. If you were born here, this doesn't make you an Istanbul expert neither.

You have to get to know Istanbul slowly, day by day, page by page, neighbourhood by neighbourhood. This is actually very difficult because neighbourhoods are…

Turška umetnost / Turkish Art #1

Tovarna Bomonti/ Factory
 Glede na to, da študiram umetnostno zgodovino, je že skrajni čas, da predstavim tudi malo turške umetnosti oziroma turške umetnike. Začela bom kar v 21. stoletju in sicer z umetnikom, na katerega sem naletela pri obisku galerije ALT v sklopu kulturnega središča Bomontiada. Bomontiada je ime novega kulturnega centra za sodobno umetnost v Istanbulu. Prostor je pravzapav star (zgrajen je bil leta 1890), saj je bila v teh prostorih tovarna piva Bomonti. Sepembra 2015 sta Cem Yegül in Vasıf Kortun najprej odprla prostor za koncerte Babylon Bomonti, v januarju 2016 pa se je odprl še center za sodobno umetnost Alt.

Dvorišče Bomontiade / Courtyard
Since I'm an Art History student, it was about time to share with you some Turkish Art and Turkish Artist. I will start right here, in the 21st century. I must say that I am no expert on Turkish contemporary painting. I've noticed this artist while visting a new contemporary art gallery called  ALT, which in situade in a culture complex called Bomontiada. Bomontiada is a new cultural center for contemporary art in Istanbul. The building itself is actually quite old (it was built in 1890). Firstly this was a beer factory, Bomonti beer was produced here. In Septmeber 2015, Cem Yegül in Vasıf Kortun inaugurated a concert space called Babylon Bomonti, later on, in January 2016 also the contemporary art gallery Alt was opened.

HASAN ÖZGÜR TOP, A Gift from Middle East 

I like this work and I think it deals with very current issues. From far it looks like a nice wall decoration, but when u take a closer look... 

HASAN ÖZGÜR TOP, A Gift from Middle East (zadaj/behind)

Detajl /Detail


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