May 31th: 1st Anniversary of Gezi park events

Saturday, May 31 2014: since the early morning there is more police in the streets of Istanbul (and Ankara), than people. The clashes between police and protesters were expected in the afternoon. The boat lines between asian and european part don't run. Access to Taksim square and Gezi park is blocked. Helicopters are overflowing the city. In some parts the expected fights between police and people have already started in other, however are about to start. If you walk down the street, your every step is being watched.
Gezi park protests, May 31 2013

I don't know how was in Turkey before, but it seems that since May 31 2013, there are few police-people clashes every month. It is getting unbearable. And absurd. And at the same time, premier is having a speach on national tv about the accident in #Soma.

Live from Taksim and other parts. (CLICK)

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