NEW e-Visa (from 11th April 2014!)

Hi guys!

Since high tourist season is about to start, this information might be interesting and useful for all of you travelling to Turkey. 11th April is the day when new visa regulations will take effect. There are new regulations regarding tourist visa, as well as residence permit, however in this post I will give some information regarding tourist visas - e-Visa.

In case that your country is not extempt from tourist visa, than it is advisable to apply for visa online before your travel to Turkey. You can do this via official web page. While applying for tourist visa, you will also pay visa in advance. When you will arrive to Turkey (by plane), you will print your visa at the aiport. According to YellAli, on the aiports theree already are self-service kiosks (similar to those where you can do check-in and print flight tickets) at the aiports. I don't know, where can you print your visa, if you enter Turkey by bus or train.

However, if you will not apply for e-visa before travelling to Turkey, you will still be able to buy visa at the aiports, but it will be more expensive. If you will enter Turkey at Istanbul aiport (I guess only Atatürk, but maybe also in Sabiha Gökçen), there will be wifi zone at the arrivals area, so you will still be able to apply for visa at the aiport, from your own smart device.

For more information about visas, please check official page: Electronic Visa Application System and also page YellAli, where you can also find prices for tourist visa and other useful information. If you will open YellAli page, I would like to warn you, that most official information on the page is for citizens of UK, so if you have any doubts, you can consult also web page of Turkish Embassy in your country.

One regulation about tourist visa, which has already taken effect is the 90/180 day tourist visa- which means, that in 180 days you can be in Turkey (as tourist) only 90. How to calculate your time in Turkey, check here.

USEFUL page: Consular Website of the Republic of Turkey. Here you can check if you need visa and get more information also about types of visas.

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