Get full for less than 10 TL:)

Are you too lazy to cook everyday?

Do you want to eat something cheap but you don't want to go to Burger King or McDonalds again? Here are some cheap eats in Istanbul. For now list is very short, but I hope we can make it longer togheter.

(P.S.: This is not a commercial for any restaurant, only suggestion for a cheap and lezzetli meal)

Balık ekmek (Fish burger) is a cheap and quick option. You can get nice fish burger in one of many small restaurants on the coast of Eminönü or Kadiköy.
Kumpir in Ortaköy.

There are many döner restaurants all over Istanbul Probably every Istanbulite has his favourite one. They are quick and cheap.

Besides döner restaurants, Istanbul has also many canteens. Many of them are hidden and difficult to find for tourists. Food in canteens use to be delicious, but prices vary. I found cehap and delicious Beyaz lokanta in Istiklal (on the opposite side of Mango).

If you are not into meat, here are to quick, cheap and delicious options: falafel in Beşiktaş (Just Falafel). Their menu costs little less than 10tl. Other one is for lovers of pasta - Makarna Saray in Çemberlitaş. You can get big plate of makarna for only 5tl. Other option is kumpir in Ortaköy, but many times offered as street food.

This are only few of cheap eats in Istanbul. I guess I've forgotten most of them, so please, let me (and others) know about them :)

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