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Turkey Scholarships Applications 2019

2019 Turkey Scholarships Applications have started!

The application period has started on January 15th and will continue until February 20th. The only way to apply is to visit the official page. The whole application is made online. Here is the link to the official page, where you can get all the official information and you can also watch the video about the scholarship. (The official Türkiye Scholarship Page)
You can apply for long term programmes: undergraduate scholarship programme or a graduate one. Besides that, there are also two short term programmes: a Success Scholarship Programme (in case you already study in Turkey) and Research Scholarship Programme. You can get all the info here.
Long term programmes cover flight ticket fees, accommodation in a government dormitory (you can stay there alone, no possibility for spouse or family), 1 year of intensive Turkish course (even if your education will be in English), health insurance. The amount of scholarship is only enough for yo…

Nekaj kot pica / Something like pizza

Najdaljše besede... The longest words