sreda, 16. april 2014

How to get Wireless Password at the Airports or Places with no open WIFI?

Today I am travelling back home for a short holiday. My flight is in the early morning, so I will spend night at the airport. I like airports but I hate if there is no free wifi, especially when I need to wait there alone for a few hours. Atatürk Airport is one of those places and since I will be there waiting for a few hours, I decided to ask my dear friend Google, if there are some wifis published online and I found a useful page and a post written by Anil Polat.

So according to the post and its comments, there are many easy way to get a password. According to the post, many passwords are published on a FOURSQUARE...I will defenitely search for them before going to aiport and will try if they really work.

Other good page for searching for a free wifi is a web page, where you can enter your location and it searches for a open wifis nearby.

Some airports also offer a limited free wifi, but if you change your IP (just restart your computer) and clear the cookies you can get unlimited wifi access.

If you are using your phone to accessing internet, than you can try these two (free) apps: 4sqwifi (for iOS) and Venue Spot (for Android), which filter foursquare wifi-related tips automatically based on your location.

Also, there is good old way for a password search: guessing. You may laugh, but if you have never tried, you will be surprised by how many cafes and bars are using only their name as a password! When I was in Serbia (not at the airport, though), 99% of bars' password was simply a bar's name.

nedelja, 13. april 2014

Turkish food...çok lezzetli!

Turkey is a big country which has a very diverse cuisine. I believe that it can offer something for every taste. Here are just a few typicall plates from some regions. I hope it can give you an idea what to eat while visiting Turkey.

Photos might not be as good as the food is.

Afiyet olsun!

Lentil soup. Soup is more delicious if you add some fresh lemon juice.

All over Turkey you can find a variety of different cheeses...

sreda, 02. april 2014

NEW e-Visa (from 11th April 2014!)

Hi guys!

Since high tourist season is about to start, this information might be interesting and useful for all of you travelling to Turkey. 11th April is the day when new visa regulations will take effect. There are new regulations regarding tourist visa, as well as residence permit, however in this post I will give some information regarding tourist visas - e-Visa.

In case that your country is not extempt from tourist visa, than it is advisable to apply for visa online before your travel to Turkey. You can do this via official web page. While applying for tourist visa, you will also pay visa in advance. When you will arrive to Turkey (by plane), you will print your visa at the aiport. According to YellAli, on the aiports theree already are self-service kiosks (similar to those where you can do check-in and print flight tickets) at the aiports. I don't know, where can you print your visa, if you enter Turkey by bus or train.

However, if you will not apply for e-visa before travelling to Turkey, you will still be able to buy visa at the aiports, but it will be more expensive. If you will enter Turkey at Istanbul aiport (I guess only Atatürk, but maybe also in Sabiha Gökçen), there will be wifi zone at the arrivals area, so you will still be able to apply for visa at the aiport, from your own smart device.

For more information about visas, please check official page: Electronic Visa Application System and also page YellAli, where you can also find prices for tourist visa and other useful information. If you will open YellAli page, I would like to warn you, that most official information on the page is for citizens of UK, so if you have any doubts, you can consult also web page of Turkish Embassy in your country.

One regulation about tourist visa, which has already taken effect is the 90/180 day tourist visa- which means, that in 180 days you can be in Turkey (as tourist) only 90. How to calculate your time in Turkey, check here.

USEFUL page: Consular Website of the Republic of Turkey. Here you can check if you need visa and get more information also about types of visas.

nedelja, 23. marec 2014

Istanbulčanke *Istanbulites

The Cats of Istanbul

How many cats are there on the streets of Istanbul?
Koliko mačk je v Istanbulu?
Cuántos gatos hay en Estambul?
İstanbul'da kaç kedi var?

sobota, 22. marec 2014

How to access Twitter from Turkey?

By now, probably all Europe knows, that Twitter has been blocked in Turkey. However, so far, most of us still have access to Twitter and other social media. After people noticed that twitter is closed, they started to post solutions about how to access twitter anyway. (click)

Apparently even the president of Turkey himself, used this solution and tweeted today, that the closing of all social media is not acceptable.

In a TV interview on March 6 PM Erdoğan said: "We are determined we won’t let the Turkish people be sacrificed to YouTube and Facebook." He claimed that "those people [the social media services] incite any kind of immorality or espionage for the profit of these institutions." (

How to access twitter? 
Try this, for now it works...
...we will see, what will happen
after March 30. 
Anyway, YouTube had been blocked a few years ago and I hope it will not be blocked again. There are also rumors, that PM is trying to create an protest before elections, which will take place on March 30.

Ironically, today's # trends on Twitter in Turkey are:

Hotspot Shield
ÜlküUğrunda ŞehitSüleymanÖZMEN

New DNS (22 March)!!!

torek, 18. marec 2014

Tema meseca: Volitve

Politika in Nogomet sta zagotovo dve temi, ki sta v Turčiji zelo pomembni. Včasih imam občutek, da mejita na fanatizem. Čeprav doma nimam televizije, vem kdaj se igra pomembna nogometna tekma ali mestni derbi. Vem tudi, kdaj je kateri politik kaj ušpičil in so se uprle množice. Tudi, če bi izklopila internet, bi čutila neko napetost v zraku.

nedelja, 16. marec 2014

Sprehod ob Bosporju: Beşiktaş, Ortaköy, Arnavutköy, Bebek, Rumeli Hisarı

Stroll along the Bosphorus: Beşiktaş, Ortaköy, Arnavutköy, Bebek, Rumeli Hisarı

Bosporska ožina - Bosphorus Strait (

Hagia Sofia, Modra mošeja in Taksim so zagotovo najbolj znane in turistično najbolj obiskane točke v Istanbulu. O njih sem v tem blogu pisala. Bospor in številne ''vasice'', ki ležijo ob njem (tako na evropski kot azijski strani) predstavljajo še eno izmed številnih istanbulskih znamenitosti. Ob Bosporju, vsaj od Ortaköya naprej, ne boste srečali gruč turistov, kot so značilne za Taksim ali Sultanahmet, zato sprehod ob Bosporju priporočam predvsem tistim, ki ne marate gneče, in pa vsem tistim, ki ste se že naveličali tipične istanbulske gneče.

sreda, 12. marec 2014

Consequences of Gezi park protests

Even though protests for preservation of Gezi park have officialy finished, some consequences can still be seen or felt today. Actually we can say that protests all over Turkey have started again yesterday, when 14 year old Berkin Elvan died after being in coma for 268. How is this boy related with protest for Gezi park, which were held in June 2013? Even though he was not a protester
''he was shot with 850 gr. gas cannister on June 16 (2013) while he was going to market to buy some bread'' 

After his death yesterday, 11th March 2014, people gathered again to protest against police violence in Turkey. First small protest happened in Berkin's school yesterday: his schoolmates gahtered in front of his school and refused to enter it. Thousands of people also went to cementary today to Okmeydani in Istanbul, where his funeral was held.

sreda, 05. marec 2014

Study in Turkey #2

Interview, Bureaucracy and Moving to Turkey

Hey guys!
Few weeks ago I've posted first post with the information about scholarships offered by the Republic of Turkey (bachelor, MA and PhD). I have seen that many of you have read my post and also many of you asked me some questions. Last week I updated the post Study in Turkey which can be find here. Also don't forget: all news and important dates are anounced on the official page of Türkiye burslari (Turkey Scholarship), because some important dates or rules might change from year to year.

sobota, 01. marec 2014

Study in Turkey

Scholarship of the Republic of Turkey

In last years I benefited from different types of scholarship offered by Republic of Turkey. The Republic of Turkey every year offers different possibilities to obtain scholarship. All scholarship information can be obtained from the oficial page of Turkish scholarship, called Türkiye bursları

I have experience with scholarship which covers summer course of Turkish (part of so called Yunus Emre Turkish Language Scholarship Programme) and graduate scholarship programme in the scope of Ibni Haldun Social Sciences Graduate Scholarship (for MA and phD. Apart from the mentioned programms, they offer also undergraduate scholarships, short term scholarships and research scholarship. You can get most informations and the important OFFICAL DATES and OFFICIAL APPLICATION REQUIREMENTS on the official page of Türkiye Scholarship /Burslari. Also there exists useful (official) Facebook page of Türkiye burslari.

ponedeljek, 10. februar 2014

How to reach the city center from Sabiha Gökçen or Atatürk aiport?

Istanbul has 2 aiports: Atatürk Aiport in European side and Sabiha Gökçen Aiport in Asian part.

Atatürk Airport

Transportation: There are IETT buses to Taksim (number 96T). Other option is metro which goes to Aksaray. After this you can use tramway, which takes you to Sultanahmet, Eminönü, Karaköy and to Kabataş. If you want to come to Asian side you can take the tramvay until Eminönü and than boat, or you can use undersea metro line Marmaray.

Generally after 00.00 metros and buses don't operate so you can take a taxi (until Taksim or Sultanahmet it costs approx. 50TL). The bus between Taksim and aiport runs also in the night, but not very frequently.

This is public bus (IETT) schedule for winter. In summer it is much more frequent.

In order to use public transportation, you must buy a token (jeton) or (more handy) Istanbul kart. You can ask at the aiport information, where can you buy it.

Besides IETT, there is also private line HAVATAŞ (or Havaş).

If you will continue your travel with intercity bus from the main coach station (Otogar/Esenler), you can take  the metro, because the coach station is only few stops away.

Vreme *Weather* Hava durumu

Weather Istanbul

nedelja, 09. februar 2014

Menjalnica *Currency converter* Döviz

Akcija letalske karte :)

Akcija Turkish airlinesa do konca marca 2014

Turkish Airlines ima ponovno akcijo iz LJ v Istanbul in obratno.

Akcija velja za lete in nakup karte od 8. Februarja do 31. Marca. Karte (brez taks) stanejo 10€ in 15€ - s taksami in vsemi pristojbinami pride povratna karta 149€.

sobota, 08. februar 2014

Interesting facts about Turkey

  1. Turkey has approximately 74 million inhabitants and 1/4 of all are younger than 15 years.
  2. Today the Republic of Turkey lies along 2 continents. When Ottoman empire reached its largest size, it spanned over 3 continents (Europe, Asia and Africa) and over more than 5,000,000 sq km. 
    Ottoman Empire in 1683, at its largest size
  3. Istanbul is by far the biggest city, with (officially) approx. 14 million inhabitants and metropolitan area of 5343 km2
  4. Istanbul is 2. most populous city in the world, right behind Shanghai in China and Karachi in Pakistan
  5. Until 1954  the population of Istanbul was only 400,000 because Turkish citizens needed special visa to enter Istanbul.
  6. Since June 2013 most Turkish (youngsters) know what  pepper gas and lemon have in common.

torek, 17. december 2013

Turkish airlines: Letalske karte za 1€

Okoli Valentinovega ima Turkish airlines akcijo: 1 oseba leti po polni ceni, druga doplača le 1€. Ponudba velja za vse lete. Vsaj 1 oseba mora biti članica Miles&Smiles (osnovno članstvo je brezplačno).
Več info pa na spodnji povezavi.
Click the link (picture) for more info).

petek, 06. december 2013

Juha iz rdeče leče/ Red lentil soup/ Mercimek çorbası

To je ena izmed mojih najljubših turških juh. Prilagam recept.
This is one of my favourite among turkish soups. The recepie follows.

Mercimek çorbası
Za 4 osebe: 
3 srednje veliki krompirji
1 kozarec (2dl) rdeče leče
jušna žlica riža
1,5 l vode
(pekoča rdeča paprika)

Krompir olupimo in narežemo na manjše kose. V lonec nalijemo 1,5 l vode, dodamo krompir, lečo, riž in sol. Kuhamo približno 30 minut. Po okusu dodamo še začimbe: timijan in pekočo rdečo papriko. Ko juho serviramo po želji dodamo še nekaj kapljic svežega limoninega sok
Dober tek!  
Rdeča leča
Red lentil
 For 4 persons:
3 middle sized potatoes
1 glass (2dl) of red lentil
soup spoon of rice
1,5 l of water
(spicy red pepper)

Peel the potatoes and cut them into small pieces. In a big pot pour 1,5 l of water, add potatoes, lentil, rice and salt. Cook approximately 30 minutes. If you wish add thyme and spicy red pepper. When the soup is served, you dan add some drops of freshly squeezed lemon juice.

Enjoy your meal!

torek, 03. december 2013

Glavne znamenitosti: Sultanahmet

Tourist attractions: Sultanahmet

Istanbul je ogromno mesto, zato si ga je nemogoče ogledati in dobro spoznati v kratkem času. Po vsej verjetnosti boste po prvem obisku šele ugotovili, zakaj se morate ponovno vrniti in kaj vse si še morate ogledati. Kljub velikosti mesta in veliki gostoti prebivalstva imate srečo, saj se večina znamenitosti nahaja na Sultanahmetu oziroma tako imenovanem ''Zgodovinskem polotoku'' (Historical peninsula). Tu je bilo nekoč središče Bizanca in kasneje tudi Otomanskega imperija. Če ste v Istanbulu prvič, vam priporočam, da rezervirate hotel na Sultanahmetu oziroma v neposredni bližini.

Istanbul is a huge city. It's impossible to visit all it's interesting points and discover it all in a short time, however many of its main touristic attractions are close one to another, so you can see or visit them also if you are visiting city just for a short time. Most of them are located in Sultanahmet area (or so called Historical Peninsula), so if you accomodation is this area, most of main attractions are in your walking distance.

Ne spreglej /Don't miss: 

Hagia Sofia (Aya Sofya)
Hagia Sofia
(vstopnina/ entrance fee: 25tl; odprta: tor-nedelja; opened: Tue-Sun)

To je zagotovo ena izmed najbolj znanih mošej na svetu in eden izmed najbolj obiskanih muzejev v Istanbulu. Zgrajena je bila kot (dvorna) cerkev na sredini 6. stoletja, v času Justinijanove vladavine. Hagia Sofia je zagotovo ena izmed najpomembnejših bizantinskih in svetovnih cerkva, sa je kar 700 let veljala za največjo cerkev na svetu (7400 m2)!

Mozaiki v prvem nadstropju in mozaik pri izhodu nam povejo marsikaj o zgodovini Bizanca, saj so se ohranile ikone najpomembnejših vladarjev. Ko je leta 1453 Fatih sultan Mehmet (Osvajalec) osvojil Konstantinopel je cerkev spremenil v mošejo in zgradil minarete. V Otomanskem obdobju je bila Hagia Sofia večkrat obnovljena. Ob mošeji so zgradili madraso (muslimansko versko šolo), v sami mošeji pa je bila tudi sultanova knjižnica.

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Hvala! Thank you! Teşekkürler! Gracias! Danke!

Moj blog ima že skoraj 3000 ogledov. Naslednji cilj je 10.000  Lahko mi pomagate in delite ali všečkate stran  Teşekkürler 

My blog has almost reached 3000 visitors  Thank you all for reading or clicking. Next goal is 10.000  you can help me with sharing and liking pake. TeşekkÜrler