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Study in Turkey #3: How to get student residence permit?

UPDATED 15/09/2014

When writing this blog post I had in mind especially all those ''new'' foreign students in Turkey. Since I study in Istanbul, this blog post will be especially helpful for all the foreing students in Istanbul, however the process of getting the residence permit should be same all over Turkey.

Especially those of you, who came to Turkey with Turkiye burslari probably already got single entry student visa for Turkey. Here I must say, that residence permit and visa are two different things. Visa can be tourist one or student one. Generally Turkish embassies abroad give foreign students the single entry student visa, which means that until you don't get student residence permit you cannot leave Turkey - or better said, you cannot enter Turkey again. Student residence permit is usually valid until the end of academic year or until the end of Turkish language course - the finish date is usually written on the student certificate (öğrenci belgesi). Once you get student residence permit, also called ikamet in Turkish (I bet you will learn this Tukish word quickly ;), you can leave and enter Turkey how many times you want.

Where and how can I apply for ikamet?

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Istanbul low budget #2: Sightseeing for free

In the previos blog post about low budget Istanbul, I shared with you some advices which, I hope, will help you to save some money while travelling. (you can read it here) In this blog post, I would like to share with you some of the top free (or almost free) Istanbul's attractions.

Sultanahmet square

  • SULTANAHMET area is probably the area which is on the list of 99% of tourists which visit Istanbul. It is a heart of old Byzantium and later also Ottoman state. Many museums there are quite expensive, yet worth to visit: like Hagia Sofia and Topkapi palace. However, some nice and less known museums and mosques have no addmission fee. I would suggest you to visit the famous Blue mosque (Sultanahmet mosque) and Küçük Aya Sofya (or little Hagia Sofia) mosque. Also you can visit beautiful Gülhane park and first gardens of Topkapi palace.

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Study in Turkey #2

Interview, Bureaucracy and Moving to Turkey

Hey guys!
Few weeks ago I've posted first post with the information about scholarships offered by the Republic of Turkey (bachelor, MA and PhD). I have seen that many of you have read my post and also many of you asked me some questions. Last week I updated the post Study in Turkey which can be find here. Also don't forget: all news and important dates are anounced on the official page of Türkiye burslari (Turkey Scholarship), because some important dates or rules might change from year to year.

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Istanbul Low Budget

Istanbul is a huge city which offers many different activities, like sightseeing, shopping, eating out, parties, different tours, etc. This also means, that you can spend a lot of money, especially if you are foreigner or yabanci (yabangee). So here is a little guide how to save some money and still enjoy your visit in Istanbul.

15% popusta za lete iz Ljubljane* 15% off for flight tickets from Ljubljana

Če nameravate potovati s Turkish Airlines do konca julija, potem vam bo tale popust prišel prav. Vse kar morate storiti je, da postanete član programa flyljubljana, letalsko karto pa morate kupiti na Letališču Ljubljana.
Podrobne informacije lahko dobite na tej povezavi.

If you're planning to fly from Ljubljana with Turkish Airlines until the end of July, than check this link. You have to become member of flyljubljana (it's free :) and buy flight ticket at the Ljubljana Aiport.

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It's not INNDIA but ISSTANBUL ;)

Ok, this Inna's song it's quite old now, but still, I don't know why she sings about India and has a video with Istanbul's background?? Anyways, if you are visiting Istanbul and want to see it from Inna's perspective, you must go to Sultanahmet, more exactly you must visit one of terraces behind Süleymaniye mosque.

Süleymaniye mosque
Süleymaniye mosque is one of the biggest mosques in Turkey and also less crowded than Sultanahmet mosque. It was build by a famous architect Mimar Sinan.

Behind the mosque, there are many bars with terraces, which have a very nice view over Istanbul (in my opinion much better than Galata tower). I recommend you the bar called Mimar Sinan.

For other viewing points in Istanbul, please click here

Istanbul from Mimar Sinan terrace.

Süleymaniye mosque from Mimar Sinan terrace.


Turški čaj *Turkish tea*

Pitje čaja je pomemben del turškega vsakdanjika. Turki  çay (izg. čaj) pijejo večkrat na dan, lahko bi rekli, da dan začnejo in končajo s kozarcem čaja. Čaj pijejo tako na delovnem mestu, kot doma. Čaj je tudi značilni znak turškega gostoljubja, zato ga v turškem domu ne sme zmanjkati nikoli. Ker muslimani (načeloma) ne pijejo alkohola, se čaj streže tudi na praznovanjih, kot je na primer poroka. Pitja čaja se številni Turki vzdržijo le med postom v času ramadana, pa še to le mraka. Zanimivo je dejstvo, da povprečen Turek letno spije za približno 2kg čaja; v Turčiji pa proizvedejo kar 6,4% vsega čaja na svetu. (Več zanimivih dejstev o Turčiji najdeš tukaj.) Seveda pa kultura pitja čaja ni omejena le na Turčijo, temveč je razširjena tudi med drugimi turškimi narodi.

How to reach the city center from Sabiha Gökçen or Atatürk aiport?

Istanbul has 2 aiports: Atatürk Aiport in European side and Sabiha Gökçen Aiport in Asian part.

Atatürk Airport

Transportation: There are IETT buses to Taksim (number 96T). Other option is metro which goes to Aksaray. After this you can use tramway, which takes you to Sultanahmet, Eminönü, Karaköy and to Kabataş. If you want to come to Asian side you can take the tramvay until Eminönü and than boat, or you can use undersea metro line Marmaray.

Generally after 00.00 metros and buses don't operate so you can take a taxi (until Taksim or Sultanahmet it costs approx. 50TL). The bus between Taksim and aiport runs also in the night, but not very frequently.

This is public bus (IETT) schedule for winter. In summer it is much more frequent.

In order to use public transportation, you must buy a token (jeton) or (more handy) Istanbul kart. You can ask at the aiport information, where can you buy it.
You can use Istanbulkart in most of the public
 transportation in Istanbul. Exceptions are
taxis and dolmuşes.

Besides IETT, there is also private line HAVATAŞ (or Havaş).

If you will continue your travel with intercity bus from the main coach station (Otogar/Esenler), you can take  the metro, because the coach station is only few stops away.

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129€ : Istanbul - Spain - Istanbul

Today one offer for my friends from Spain :) 129€ for a return ticket from Spain to Istanbul. You must buy ticket now, until July 6th, but you can travel between November 2014 and March 2015.

Check the details of the offer on the link.

On this link you can check how to reach Istanbul city center from Atatürk or Sabiha Gökçen aiport.
If applicable, don't forget to apply for your visa. More info you can get here.

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Poletni festivali in kocerti ♬ Summer festivals and concerts ♬

Nekaj festivalski idej za vse, ki boste poleti obiskali Istanbul.
If you are visiting Istanbul this summer, here are some festivals you can visit!
(The list will be updated).


*Univerzitetni pomladni festivali* Universities' spring festival* Bahar şenlikleri*

Maj pravzaprav še ni poletni mesec (sploh pa ne letos, brrr!), ampak sem ga želela vključit, saj maja (podobno kot imamo v Sloveniji Majske igre in pa Škisovo tržnico) vse večje univerze v Istanbulu prirejajo t. i. pomladne festivale. Festivali trajajo 5 ali več dni, vstopnice večinoma niso zelo drage. Poladne festivale organizirajo tudi univerze v drugih turških mestih. 

Actually May is not really a summer month (especially not this year!), but during this month many Istanbul's universities organize their Spring festivals! Festivals last 5 or more days and the tickets are usually not very expensive. The spring festivals are organized also in other turkish cities.


sobota, 31. maj 2014

May 31th: 1st Anniversary of Gezi park events

Saturday, May 31 2014: since the early morning there is more police in the streets of Istanbul (and Ankara), than people. The clashes between police and protesters were expected in the afternoon. The boat lines between asian and european part don't run. Access to Taksim square and Gezi park is blocked. Helicopters are overflowing the city. In some parts the expected fights between police and people have already started in other, however are about to start. If you walk down the street, your every step is being watched.
Gezi park protests, May 31 2013

I don't know how was in Turkey before, but it seems that since May 31 2013, there are few police-people clashes every month. It is getting unbearable. And absurd. And at the same time, premier is having a speach on national tv about the accident in #Soma.

Live from Taksim and other parts. (CLICK)

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Tridnevno žalovanje za žrtve nesreče v Somi

Danes (14.5.2014) so v Turčiji razglasili tridnevno žalovanje v spomin žrtvam rudarske nesreče v premogovniku v mestu Soma.

Nesreča se je zgodila včeraj in to ravno ob menjavi izmen, tako da je bilo v rudniku zelo veliko rudarjev. Točna številka rudarjev ni znana, a po nekaterih podatkih je bilo v času nesreče v rudniku 500 ali več rudarjev. Nesrečo so preživeli le redki, trenutna uradna številka umrlih je 248, a preživeli rudarji pravijo, da se bo ta številka še podvojila. Najmlajša žrtev je bil le 15 let star fant, saj je vladajoča AKP v svojem mandatu znižala starostno mejo za delo v rudniku, iz 16 na 14 let.

Po nesreči pa je Turčijo na noge dvignila še, sicer že 4 leta stara izjava premierja Erdoğana (za katero pa še vedno stoji), da so nesreče delavcev v rudnikih pač usoda. Danes pa naj bi njegov svetovalec tudi pretepel enega izmed žalujočih v Somi. Na dan pa so prišle tudi novice, da je opozicijska stranka pred dvema tednoma želela preverit varnost rudnika in okolice mesta Soma, a je vladajoča AKP menila, da je to pač nepotrebno. 

Mirni shodi v spomin na žrtve in opozorilo na slabe delovne razmere v rudnikih so organizirani po vsej Turčiji. Shodi so sicer malo manj mirni v Istanbulu, kjer je policija majhno skupino žalujočih napadla z vodnimi topovi in plastičnimi metki.

Najnovejšim informacijam v zvezi z nesrečo v Somi in fotografijam shodov po Turčiji, lahko sledite na tvitru #Soma.

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Being a Foreign Student in Istanbul, Turkey...

Being a student in a foreign country can sometimes be difficult: you need to learn a foreign language, you need to adapt to a new culture, make a new friends, etc. However, being a student in a foreign country, which is pretty different to your native country can also be fun and very educational experience. I especially like this experience when I have an opportunity to meet students from many different countries and when I learn about their culture. Today it was one of these days: The Foreign Students' in Turkey festival, where students from all around the world presented their countries and a small part of their rich culture. Unfortunately there was no stand presenting Slovenia (I guess I am almost the only Slovenian student here). Here are some photos from the event Bi Dünya Öğrenci Türkiye'de, which took place in Istanbul (and also in other cities in Turkey), from May 10th-12th 2014:

četrtek, 01. maj 2014

1 mayıs gallery

1st May, International Labours' Day

All over the world, today International workers' day is being celebrated. Since the change of law few years ago, Turkish were (legally) able to celebrate this day on one of Istanbul's main squares- the Taksim square. This year, Taksim square is empty, because prime minister Erdoğan decided to close it and like this prevet celebration. Many streets are closed for traffic today, metro lines, bus lines and boat lines between Europe and Asia don't run.

torek, 29. april 2014

1. maj v Istanbulu

Taksim, 1. maj 2013 / Taksim square 1th May 2013
Nekaj praktičnih informacij za vse, ki se boste 1. maja v Istanbulu:
Na ta dan so napovedana zborovanja na trgu Taksim in v Kadiköyu (azijska stran), zato je bolje da se teh dveh predelov izogibate. Zborovanja sicer niso prepovedana z zakonom, a se jih je letos odločil prepovedati premier Erdoğan. Na trgu Taksim in v njegovi okolici bo tako  na ta dan več deset tisoč policajev in okoli 60 policijskih vozil opremljenih z vodnimi topovi, zato se pričakuje vse prej kot mirno zborovanje. Vse do popoldneva pa na Taksimu in v njegovi bližini tudi ne bodo vozili avtobusi in metro (morda ne bo vozil niti tramvaj). Prejšnja leta pa so za promet zaprli celo (prvi) most med Evropo in Azijo, prav tako na ta dan niso vozile ladje, ki povezujejo Beşiktaş oz. Kabataş z azijskim delom mesta.

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Turkish Language Summer School * Türkçe yaz okulu

Hey guys!

For all of you, who would like to learn Turkish in Turkey, here is a nice opportunity:

Summer school of Turkish language

You can get all information on the official page. On the same page you can also apply for scholarship. Hurry up, because the last day for application is May 4th 2014.-APPLICATION EXTENDED until MAY 7th :)

Here are some information regarding scholarship. You can get full information on the official web page: www.turkiyeburslari.gov.tr

Important Dates
Last date for application : 16 April- 4 May 2014- EXTENDED until MAY 7th.
Summer School Dates : 17 July-24 August 2014
25-29 August ( İstanbul Trip and Closing Program)

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Merhaba! Nasılsın?

Poletje se bliža in če potujete v Turčijo, imate še nekaj časa, da se naučite nekaj besed. Večina turističnih delavcev v Istanbulu, Antalyi, Alanyi ter drugih turističnih središčih sicer govori angleško, če pa se od teh krajev oddaljite, pa vam angleščina ne bo kaj dosti pomagala.

Turščina spada v altajsko jezikovno skupino (več o tej jezikovni skupini si lahko preberete tukaj). Kar nekaj besed turškega (oz. arabskega in perzijskega) izvora so posvojili tudi slovanski jeziki na Balkanu. Tudi slovenščina je prevzela nekaj turških besed, ki so se do danes ohranile predvsem v obliki priimkov, kot na primer Turk/ Türk in Jančar (Yeniçer). Nekaj turških besed pa je prišlo v Slovenijo približno 500 let po znamenitih turških vpadih. Nekaj besed smo posvojili, kot naprimer kebab (kebap) in burek (börek).