petek, 05. februar 2016


I would like to dedicated a few blog posts about the other part of Istanbul, Turkey. This topic is of course not limited to Turkey and it's one of the most debated topic in Europe (if not the whole World) in the last few months. It's actually the topic which should have been resolved months, if not years ago, however Europe and World turned a blind eye on it. I know, many things have been said, many opinions clashed and many times hathered spoke out of people. Since I live in Turkey and come often home, to Slovenia, I really cannot avoid thinking, if not speaking about the refugee crysis. Most of regugees come from Syria, however many of them also from other Middle Eastern countries. Many Europeans have ''newly discovered'' their nationalist ideas and are fighting against refugees, meanwhile the politicians still haven't decided what to do with thousands of people entering Europe in search of peace and better life.

First of all, I would like to share a short video, made and starring by two acquaintances of mine: Marie Hartlieb and Myriam Keyloun. Video was filmed in Istanbul and I hope it can widen your eyes and helps you see the other side of what being a Syrian means: not a refugee, but a human being.

In-Between from Marie Hartlieb on Vimeo.

To be continued.

četrtek, 28. januar 2016

February Film Festivals

February 2016 is a month for all the film lovers out there. From February 3rd - 10th Istanbul International Short Film Festival will take place and from February 18th - 28th !f Istanbul Independent Film Festival will take place. Selected movies from the latter will also be shown in Ankara and Izmir (March 03 - 06).

27. Istanbul International Short Film Festival / 27. İstanbul Uluslararası Kısa Film Festivali

This festival should have take place already in November 2015, howere it has been postponed  to February 3rd - 10th. It will take place in 3 different cultural institues in Beyoğlu, Istanbul: German, French and Italian. Films are divided into 4 categories: fiction, animation, experimental and short documentary. Here is the link to the official page, where you can also see the programme.

P.S.: Admission is free! :)

petek, 22. januar 2016

Turška umetnost / Turkish Art #1

Tovarna Bomonti/ Factory
 Glede na to, da študiram umetnostno zgodovino, je že skrajni čas, da predstavim tudi malo turške umetnosti oziroma turške umetnike. Začela bom kar v 21. stoletju in sicer z umetnikom, na katerega sem naletela pri obisku galerije ALT v sklopu kulturnega središča Bomontiada. Bomontiada je ime novega kulturnega centra za sodobno umetnost v Istanbulu. Prostor je pravzapav star (zgrajen je bil leta 1890), saj je bila v teh prostorih tovarna piva Bomonti. Sepembra 2015 sta Cem Yegül in Vasıf Kortun najprej odprla prostor za koncerte Babylon Bomonti, v januarju 2016 pa se je odprl še center za sodobno umetnost Alt.

Dvorišče Bomontiade / Courtyard
Since I'm an Art History student, it was about time to share with you some Turkish Art and Turkish Artist. I will start right here, in the 21st century. I must say that I am no expert on Turkish contemporary painting. I've noticed this artist while visting a new contemporary art gallery called  ALT, which in situade in a culture complex called Bomontiada. Bomontiada is a new cultural center for contemporary art in Istanbul. The building itself is actually quite old (it was built in 1890). Firstly this was a beer factory, Bomonti beer was produced here. In Septmeber 2015, Cem Yegül in Vasıf Kortun inaugurated a concert space called Babylon Bomonti, later on, in January 2016 also the contemporary art gallery Alt was opened.

HASAN ÖZGÜR TOP, A Gift from Middle East 

I like this work and I think it deals with very current issues. From far it looks like a nice wall decoration, but when u take a closer look... 

HASAN ÖZGÜR TOP, A Gift from Middle East (zadaj/behind)

Detajl /Detail

sreda, 20. januar 2016

Akcija letalskih kart Ljubljana - Istanbul!

Turkish Airlines ima ponovno akcijo letalskih kart in sicer za lete med 15. januarjem in 31. marcem 2016. Nakup kart morate opraviti do 24. januarja, oziroma najmanj 10 dni pred odhodom.

Cena: 109$

Podrobnejše informacije si lahko preberete na tej povezavi. 

Če vas skrbi glede varnosti v Istanbulu, si lahko kaj več o stanju v Istanbulu preberete tukaj: Po napadu v Istanbulu: Včasih se mi zdi da so Turki vajeni takih dogodkov.

Nekaj uporabnih napotkov o javnem prevozu si lahko preberete v prispevku How to reach the city center from Sabiha Gökçen or Atatürk aiport?

Tukaj pa je še nekaj nasvetov, kako prihraniti med obiskom Istanbula Istanbul Low Budget in nekaj nasvetov za izbiro hotela Hoteli in hostli v Istanbulu.


nedelja, 10. januar 2016

Don't miss! The Zero Waste Istanbul Flea Market

Day: Sunday, January 17th
Time: 12:00-18:00
Place: St. Helena Chapel, Istnbul (Behind the UK Embassy)

Zero Waste Istanbul Flea Market (facebook)
Where will you be next Sunday? No plans? Well, here is an interesting event that you may want to visit: The Zero Waste Istanbul Flea Market, organized by The Zero Waste Turkey. It is the first event of this kind in Turkey and I hope it's not going to be the last one.

What can you buy there? As organizers wrote on the Facebook page of the event, there will only sell second hand, pre-owned, once-loved, recycled and upcycled items. Since this is the zero waste event, don't forget to bring your own shopping bags!

There will also be food and hot drinks, such as hot cocoa, cider, tea or coffee, so bring also a food container and your own mug. In case you bring your own bag/food container/mug - organizers offer discounts for your purchase.

torek, 05. januar 2016

Study in Turkey

Scholarship of the Republic of Turkey

In last years I benefited from different types of scholarship offered by Republic of Turkey. The Republic of Turkey every year offers different possibilities to obtain scholarship. All scholarship information can be obtained from the oficial page of Turkish scholarship, called Türkiye bursları

Every year there are some changes related to application period or type of scholarships in the scope of Turkiye Burslari. One of the most important changes this year (2015) is the Araştırma burs programı (Research Scholarship Programme) and the Sanat ve Spor Burs Programi (Art and Sport scholarship programme). The application for the Research Scholarships is opened all over the year. The requirements are a bit different than for other scholarships, for example the candidate must find and be accepted at an university in Turkey, where he/she wants to conduct a research.

You are welcome to comment and sharte the posts!

I have experience with scholarship which covers summer course of Turkish (part of so called Yunus Emre Turkish Language Scholarship Programme) and graduate scholarship programme in the scope of Ibni Haldun Social Sciences Graduate Scholarship (for MA and phD. Apart from the mentioned programms, they offer also undergraduate scholarships, short term scholarships and research scholarship. You can get most informations and the important OFFICAL DATES and OFFICIAL APPLICATION REQUIREMENTS on the official page of Türkiye Scholarship /Burslari. Also there exists useful (official) Facebook page of Türkiye burslari.