torek, 02. junij 2015

Eelection madness 2015

Again elections are approaching. Turkish general elections will be held on Sunday, June 7th, 2015. The propaganda and all the election madness has been going on for the last 3 months. Here is just a short video from the Üsküdar square, where almost all the parties have their stands. Unfortunately I've turned off the video too soon, because I've missed some singing and dancing workers at the last party's stand.

 Volitve so tik pred vrati. Letošnje strankarske volitve bodo v nedeljo, 7. junija 2015. Intenzivna propaganda, mitingi, ipd. se odvija že 3 mesece. Delim samo kratek video, ki je bil posnet v Üsküdarju, na trgu, kjer imajo skoraj vse stranke že 3 mesece postavljene svoje reklamne in info točke. Na žalost sem video ugasnila prekmalu, saj sem zamudila plešoče in pojoče delavce na zadnji info točki. Tukaj pa še nekaj utrinkov lanskih predvolilnih kampanij: Tema meseca: Volitve.

nedelja, 31. maj 2015

2nd Anniversary of Gezi Park

31st May is anniversary of Gezi park events.

You can read more about May 31th: 1st anniversary of Gezi Park events here. Like last year, the public transportation going to/from Taksim, especially the Taksim metro line does't operate. The stops Şişhane, Taksim and Osmanbey have been closed since 9:00 am today and will be clodes until the further notice.

For more news and information about the Consequences of the Gezi park protests, please click on the link. Here you can find some additional information about the protest, which took place in late May and June 2013, itself.

Lets hope that this anniversary will pass in a more pacific way.

četrtek, 14. maj 2015

Northern Cyprus: The Island of Students and the City of Ghosts

There is a beautiful island in the easteran Mediterranean. Island of Venus. An island which is divided. An island with the last divided capital city. Cyprus. The norhtern part of the island, oficially known as the Turkish republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC/TCKK) is defenitely worth visiting! Since 1974 the northern part hasn’t changed a lot.

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sobota, 09. maj 2015

Study in Turkey #2

Interview, Bureaucracy and Moving to Turkey

Hey guys!
Few weeks ago I've posted first post with the information about scholarships offered by the Republic of Turkey (bachelor, MA and PhD). I have seen that many of you have read my post and also many of you asked me some questions. Last week I updated the post Study in Turkey which can be find here. Also don't forget: all news and important dates are anounced on the official page of Türkiye burslari (Turkey Scholarship), because some important dates or rules might change from year to year.

If you are readin this post now, you are probably waiting THE EMAIL that you were selected for an interview. I hope this post can give you some answers to your questions.

Study in Turkey

Scholarship of the Republic of Turkey

 UPDATE (MAY 2015)
In last years I benefited from different types of scholarship offered by Republic of Turkey. The Republic of Turkey every year offers different possibilities to obtain scholarship. All scholarship information can be obtained from the oficial page of Turkish scholarship, called Türkiye bursları

Every year there are some changes related to application period or type of scholarships in the scope of Turkiye Burslari. One of the most important changes this year (2015) is the Araştırma burs programı (Research Scholarship Programme) and the Sanat ve Spor Burs Programi (Art and Sport scholarship programme). The application for the Research Scholarships is opened all over the year. The requirements are a bit different than for other scholarships, for example the candidate must find and be accepted at an university in Turkey, where he/she wants to conduct a research.

You are welcome to comment and sharte the posts!

I have experience with scholarship which covers summer course of Turkish (part of so called Yunus Emre Turkish Language Scholarship Programme) and graduate scholarship programme in the scope of Ibni Haldun Social Sciences Graduate Scholarship (for MA and phD. Apart from the mentioned programms, they offer also undergraduate scholarships, short term scholarships and research scholarship. You can get most informations and the important OFFICAL DATES and OFFICIAL APPLICATION REQUIREMENTS on the official page of Türkiye Scholarship /Burslari. Also there exists useful (official) Facebook page of Türkiye burslari.

sreda, 06. maj 2015

Skrit biser Mediterana, mesto duhov in otok študentov

The Island of Students and the City of Ghosts

V vzhodnem Mediteranu se skriva otok, razdeljen na dva dela, ki ga množični turizem še ni preobrazil. Morda zato, ker republiko na severnem delu otoka uradno priznava le ena država na svetu. Ta država je Turčija. Če želite obiskati otok, boste morali z letalom najprej v Turčijo, šele nato boste lahko odleteli naprej, na otok. Če imate srečo in ste lastnik potnega lista ene izmed članic Evropske unije, pa lahko na južni del otoka odletite direktno iz Evrope in se na severni del otoka odpravite kar peš.

torek, 05. maj 2015

May : Month of Festivals

Spring month is here and so are the festivals! You will not be bored this month!

Here are just few of them, I'm sure that there are many more festivals!

ITEF festival starts today and will take place in Sismanoglio Megaro, KargArt , Atatürk Library, Ahmet Hamdi Tanpınar Literature Museum Library and Goethe Institut Library in Istanbul. Some of the events will be also held online. Most of the events will be in English with Turkish subtitles. Don't miss conversation with Turkish and foreign authors. One of them will be Australian Markus Zusak.

For more info, click here.